Abrasion Resistant Pumps

SlurryPro’s produces slurry pumps dedicated for the mining industry. Its Diamond series of slurry pumps is the result of over 100 years of experience in the mining industry, to produce a range of pumps with extreme abrasion resistance. Pumps with flow rates of up to 250 Litres per second are available in the Diamond range.  The Diamond series features either latest generation hard metal or elastomer coatings on surfaces that are in contact with the process fluid to reduce wear and improve the lifetime of the pump. Additional design features that allow them to perform under extremely heavy-duty conditions include oversized bearings, casings and high tech sealing options. The unique bearing design and housing, along with the easy to install sealing system, in combination with the impeller and casing liner options make this series of pumps applicable to a wide range of duties. The optional UEC (Unique Elastomeric Component), an abrasive resistant, rubber like material gives impellers and internal surfaces extended life compared to standard rubber components. With a choice of either white iron alloy or the UEC, many requirements can be catered for.  A full line of aftermarket replacement parts that feature impellers and casing liners of either UEC or hard metal are also available to keep your pump running with the least amount of downtime and lowest maintenance costs. Innovative design features allow these pumps to run at a lower temperature, also contributing to their overall increased performance levels. Global innovation doesn’t stand in the way of proven performance in this demanding industry, where experienced regional experts support our customers with local knowledge of each and every pump unit supplied.

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