Lime Slurry Pump

Pumping lime slurry is extra challenging. Not only is the slurry abrasive, due to the high (up to 35%) solid content, but it’s highly viscous in nature, chemically corrosive and is often associated with a condition known as “plating out” where surfaces become caked with the suspended lime particles. Typical centrifugal pumps are subject to frequent cleaning, repair and maintenance, resulting in costly downtime and high cost of pump ownership. SlurryPro’s slurry pumps are designed to deal with the challenges posed by slurries in general and lime slurry in particular. Design features such as hard metal case linings and impellers, a unique elastomeric coating on internal components and cartridge type bearings make SlurryPro’s Diamond and silver series of slurry pumps both extremely wear resistant (from either abrasive or corrosive process fluids) but also easy to service and repair, lowering the frequency of maintenance and its length, resulting in lower maintenance and repair costs. With a production presence on 4 continents, SlurryPro’s lean manufacturing system guarantees fast delivery of pumps and replacement parts, no matter where you’re located. With experience mining specialists available for consultation, make your next lime slurry pump a SlurryPro slurry pump.