Lined Pumps For Mining Use

Rubber Lined Pumps for Sludge

SlurryPro specializes in lined pumps for mining use. SlurryPro’s Diamond and Silver series of slurry pumps are designed for the mining industry. 100 years of proven performance in this demanding industry give SlurryPro’s products the edge for every application. The unique elastomeric coating (UEC) a rubber like lining for internal pump casings and impellers increases abrasive resistance of pumps by putting a rubber coating on internal parts in contact with the abrasive slurry. The rubber protects the hard metal components and reduces friction to help reduce wear and tear. These lined pumps can be used for sludge, dewatering applications or any other mining application where pumping of a slurry is required. SlurryPro’s UEC is a special formulation sacrificial coating that outperforms similar coating in other rubber lined pumps. Attention to detail during the design process ensures that SlurryPro’s pumps run cooler, improving operating efficiencies and resulting in fewer costly downtimes. SlurryPro offers lined pumps for mining use in two categories, the Diamond series, a super heavy duty set of pumps and the Silver series, a heavy duty set of pumps available in both horizontal or vertical configurations. Additionally, SlurryPro offers a complete set of aftermarket replacement parts and recoating of parts with their UEC.