Dirty Water Pump

Mine Water Pump

SlurryPro’s advanced slurry pumps are ideal for applications in the mining industry, such as dewatering applications where dirty water or mine water must be removed from a site. The Diamond and Silver series of slurry pumps from SlurryPro are the result of SlurryPro’s 100 years of experience in the mining industry combined with its state of the art manufacturing processes. Our experts are in the field worldwide with local knowledge of conditions and pumps that translates into “value added” for end users. With engineering support on 4 different continents – Australia, Europe, North and South America, SlurryPro can guarantee efficient delivery of pumps and parts to worldwide locations. SlurryPro doesn’t sacrifice quality for speed. Parts are subjected to a strict quality regimen and parts are completely traceable for our customer’s ease of mind. Perfect for use as dirty water pumps, the Diamond series of SlurryPro’s slurry pumps are designed to be super-duty pumps, with oversized bearings, shafts and coated casing liners. Removing water with suspended particles (i.e. dirty water), these abrasive resistant pumps can remove mine water at a rate of up to 250 Litres per second. If a higher removal rate is required, the Silver series of slurry pumps are available that can remove dirty mine water at rates of up to 1400 Litres per second and can be sourced in either horizontal or vertical configurations. Engineering design of these pumps ensures that they will continue to perform long after other pumps have simply stopped. A range of seal types can be provided to suit a wide variety of applications. With standard connection sizes, these pumps are compatible with existing pipework infrastructure. Innovative design features mean a pump that runs cooler, improving efficiency and leading to fewer costly downtimes for maintenance and repair.