Coated Slurry Pumps

Slurry Management is an important part of operations in mining facilities. Deploying slurry pumps to manage slurry is crucial for the safety and success of a mine. SlurryPro’s, a manufacturer of slurry pumps produces two lines of slurry pumps, the Diamond series and the Silver series. These are ideal candidates to consider as members of your slurry management plan. Available in a wide variety of flow rates to accommodate many different sized applications, SlurryPro’s slurry pumps stand out from the crowd due to their engineering design features. These include hard metal casings liners and impellers, coated components that are in contact with the process fluid and easy to change bearings and seals, minimizing costly downtime.  Available in both horizontal and vertical configurations, these slurry pumps outperform other pumps in their class. As a further sign of commitment to their customers, SlurryPro has a complete set of aftermarket replacement parts that are subjected to the same rigorous quality control measures as the original parts. This includes complete traceability from factory to customer. This is just one of the methods that SlurryPro incorporates into its manufacturing process to produce world class slurry management pumps.