Sludge Pumps

SlurryPro’s Diamond and Silver series of slurry pumps are capable of being deployed as sludge pumps. Sludge is the by-product of many mining and wastewater operations and needs to be removed so that new product can be processed. Extremely heavy-duty slurry pumps function as sludge pumps and with SlurryPro, you get over 100 years of experience in the mining industry. Combining this with technologically advanced manufacturing processes results in the Diamond series sludge pumps. Innovative wear resistant features combined with oversized bearings, shafts and casings make a pump that is designed for the most extreme duties. The Diamond series of slurry pumps continue to perform even under the worst conditions.  Other design features contribute to the success of the Diamond series sludge pumps for other factors as well. A unique bearing housing design means that these pumps run cooler, improving efficiency and requiring less downtime for maintenance and repair. Quality control in the production facility is such that SlurryPro guarantees 100% traceability for all its components and replacement parts.  With a reserve stock of components and a world class distribution system, delivery of pumps parts and the associated engineering support is the fastest in the industry. Use one of SlurryPro’s slurry pumps as your next sludge pump.