Hard Metal Pumps

Hard metal pumps are manufactured from special iron alloys containing lower levels of silicon cooled quickly. This causes the cast iron to contain a higher proportion of iron carbide rather than graphite causing hardness to increase roughly two fold when compared to normal cast iron. SlurryPro’s slurry pumps are designed and manufactured with this so-called “white iron”, increasing abrasive resistance from the start of the design process. Other features of the pumps include an optional unique elastomeric coating available on casing liners and impellers that contribute even further to abrasive resistance. The Diamond series and Silver series of slurry pumps from SlurryPro are both members of the hard metal pump category and have numerous other design features that make them ideal for your application. These are abrasive resistant pumps that can cater to the most extreme environmental conditions (the Diamond Series – with oversized parts to increase robustness) or can be extremely versatile, with configurations (both horizontal and vertical) designed for any possible application. Standard parts make replacements a snap and standard sized connections make integrating these pumps into your existing pumping infrastructure a breeze. SlurryPro is a world renowned manufacturer of hard metal slurry pumps with inbuilt design features to produce slurry pumps without equal.