Tailings Pump

Transporting tailings to a storage site is most commonly accomplished using a centrifugal pump to transport the tailings suspended as slurry in a transport medium, usually water. SlurryPro’s slurry pumps low overall costs contribute to the overall low cost of tailing transportation using pumps and a pipeline system. SlurryPro’s Diamond and silver series of slurry pumps have many features that make them ideal for transportation of tailings as slurries. Unique bearing housings and easy to change bearings and seals extend bearing and seal life to mitigate expensive maintenance downtimes. The hard metal casing liners and impellers with optional elastomer coating means advanced abrasion resistance, again lowering the need for costly downtime to replace parts. SlurryPro has been working locally with mines to remove tailings for more than 100 years, with a presence today on four continents. SlurryPro’s centrifugal slurry pumps are available in a wide range of flow rates and configurations to suit any sized tailing operation. Our modular sealing system is designed for flexibility in specifying your pump requirements. Let our local specialist assist you in planning your tailing removal and see how SlurryPro’s pumps can lower your costs, increasing your profit.