Pumps for Abrasive Slurries

Abrasive liquid pump/Abrasive fluids handling pumps


SlurryPro combines over 100 years of experience in the mining industry with futuristic innovation to lead the pumping industry in producing pumps that can easily handle abrasive fluids. Slurry pumps are designed with special features to overcome the problems of pumping abrasive slurries (mixture of liquid and solid). Abrasive liquids act like sandpaper on any components in contact with the slurry. SlurrPro’s slurry pumps incorporate many design features to counteract the properties of abrasive fluids or slurries. They feature casing liners and impellers that are manufactured out of white cast iron (an alloy of cast iron with increased hardness due to the presence of Iron carbide). The components in contact with the abrasive liquid can be further protected by adding a sacrificial coating composed of UEC, a unique elastomeric coating, with rubber like properties, that serves to increase abrasion resistance. SlurryPro produces two ranges of abrasive fluid handling pumps. The Diamond range includes additional design features for super heavy-duty abrasion resistance with flow rates of up to 250 litres per second, while the silver range has flow rates up to 1400 litres per second and comes in both horizontal and vertical configurations. State of the art design ensures that these pumps will continue pump abrasive fluids long after traditional designs give up. These pumps run cooler and have an improved operating efficiency to minimise costly downtimes. Each important aspect of the design has been taken into account, leading to many small, improved details that sum up to a huge benefit. Aftermarket elastomeric coated casing liners and impellers for all of SlurryPro’s pumps are available and combined with the easy to use sealing system, also mean shorter costly downtimes.