Mud Pumps

SlurryPro’s super heavy-duty Diamond series of slurry pumps, or heavy-duty silver series of slurry pumps are ideally used as mud pumps, in dirty dewatering applications where mud needs to be removed. As slurry, mud can cause deterioration of pumps by abrasive wear. The advanced anti-wearing features of SlurryPros slurry pumps have been adopted to increase the service life of the wearing parts including the impeller and casing liner. Specifically the casing liner and impeller can be manufacture from an extremely hard iron alloy or coated with a unique elastomeric coating to further increase wear resistance. Muddy pumps need to be frequently inspected and serviced to ensure that the mud has not caused wear that will overtly affect the pumping efficiency. Additional design features ensure that these pumps operate at their coolest, improving efficiency and reducing costly downtime. The unique bearing housing  and sealing system also contribute to the overall attractiveness of these pumps for applications including mud removal.  Focused on the mining industry, SlurryPro’s mud pumps include today’s innovations to function for tomorrow’s demands.