Mining Pumps

Mine Pumps Available Ex-Stock

SlurryPro delivers mining pumps for miners. Their slurry pumps can be used in dewatering applications, pumping slurries out of the mine, or can be used in the production process, moving mineral containing slurries through its processing stages. Mine pumps are SlurryPro’s forte, with over 100 years of pump production experience in the mining industry. This experience and sate of the art manufacturing facilities incorporating the latest technologies, combine to result in a premium set of slurry pumps: the Diamond slurry pump series and the silver slurry pump series. Proven performance in the mining industry with local support by experienced mining industry specialists adds superior local information that can be passed on to our customers as an added value of SlurryPro’s services. The pumps are engineered with abrasive resistance in mind and to keep ownership costs low. Design features include the unique elastomeric coating, cartridge type bearings, 100% part traceability and standard coupling dimensions making it easy to exchange other pump designs with one of SlurryPro’s mining pumps. The Diamond series of pumps are designed for the most extreme duties with oversized shafts and bearings, thicker casings including reinforcing ribs. These pumps continue to perform under the most arduous conditions.