Thickener Underflow Pump

Removing underflow from a thickener is one of the main applications of a centrifugal slurry pump. SlurryPro’s Diamond series and Silver series of slurry pumps excel when deployed as a thickener underflow pumps. Advantages include engineering features designed to extend the life of the pump and make the pump easy to service to keep overall costs low.  Unique bearing housings allow a cooler running temperature, leading to an improved pumping efficiency and less downtime for maintenance. Modular seal design makes changing seals a snap, while a wide range of aftermarket parts and a state of the art distribution system means that parts are quick and easy to obtain.  The Diamond series has extensive characteristics that make this pump perfect for the most extreme pumping jobs. Oversized shafts and bearings, thicker casings with reinforcing ribs make the Diamond series not just heavy-duty, but super heavy-duty. The Silver series of slurry pumps has more configurations and higher flow rates available.  With more than 100 years of experience in the mining industry, SlurryPro has been removing slurries from mines on four continents with local support staff to provide expert local knowledge in all of its markets.