Cyclone Feed Pump

Hydrocyclones are used to separate particles based on size in mining operations, usually to send large sized particles back to the mill for further grinding and to extract minerals from small particles. Cyclone operations rely on a steady rate of input and steady rate of removal of both particle outputs. SlurryPro’s centrifugal slurry pumps are perfect for use as cyclone feed pumps. These feed the slurry into the cyclone for particle separation. Slurry pumps have all the engineering features required for cyclone feed pumps. SlurryPro’s Diamond and Silver series of slurry pumps contain advanced abrasive resistant features, such as being manufactured from hard metal alloys (twice as hard as regular iron) and optional elastomeric coating to enhance abrasive resistance further. The Diamond series are available in flow rates up to 250 litres per second and have oversized shafts and bearings with extra thick reinforced casings to provide a super heavy-duty pump to your operation. With flow rates up to 1400 litres per second, the silver series slurry pumps provide a wider set of options and are available in either horizontal or vertical configurations. They also have features to help them run cooler, like a unique bearing housing, which improves efficiency and extends time between maintenance, allowing increased cost savings. SlurryPro has a manufacturing presence on four separate continents, but has an extensive local support team in place to provide local mining knowledge with more than 100 years of experience in supplying pumps to the mining industry.