Sand & Gravel Pumps

Sand and gravel can be pumped as slurry, when mixed with water to allow the fluid to carry the suspended particles along pipework infrastructure. Sand pumps, sand and gravel pumps, or gravel pumps are all synonymous with slurry pumps. The suspended particles act as an abrasive, so care must be taken to install appropriate abrasive resistant piping and pumps for applications requiring the movement of suspended sand and/or gravel. SlurryPro’s Diamond and Silver series of slurry pumps are the best choice for moving sand and gravel. Available with internal parts that are composed of special hardened alloys or coated with rubber like elastomers to prevent abrasion of key components, these pumps are ideal for dewatering applications where sand and/or gravel are involved. The Diamond series is engineered with oversized components where heavy duty is not quite heavy enough. These pumps can handle super heavy-duty conditions. Designed with the same attention to detail, the silver series has the advantage of higher flow rates, topping out at 1400 litres per second. The silver series pumps are also available in vertical configurations. All of SlurryPro’s sand and gravel pumps feature easy to change cartrtidge type bearing assemblies that are just one of the design features that make SlurryPro’s pumps easy to use and maintain.