Chemical Slurry Pumps

SlurryPro’s advanced centrifugal slurry pumps are designed to withstand not only the abrasive properties of liquids with suspended particles, but also the corrosive properties of liquids containing reactive chemicals. The chemical slurry pumps from SlurryPro are state of art centrifugal pumps that are especially designed for use in the mining industry, where chemically corrosive liquids are commonplace. Our proven performance in this demanding industry starts from our team of the on the ground support staff with local knowledge that add value to our pumps. The Diamond series of pumps contain oversized components to cater for the most demanding applications while the Silver series has pumps with higher flow rates. The Diamond series is available with flow rates up to 250 litres per second, while the silver series is available with flow rates up to 1400 litres per second and can be configured as either horizontal or vertical chemical slurry pumps. Chemical resistance is provided by extra hard metallic parts made from special iron alloys that contain high levels of chrome, imparting extra hardness to the iron. Additionally, internal parts that contact the process liquid can be coated with a unique elastomeric coating that imparts even higher chemical resistance to the pumps. Internal resistance to chemicals is only one of the design features that make these pumps that pump of choice when pumping chemical slurries. The special bearing housing and easy to change sealing system also contribute to the pumps’ overall performance. SlurryPro is a leading manufacturer of chemical slurry pumps with a worldwide production presence and state of the art production processes, SlurryPro can ensure 100% traceability of materials and processes from production to end user through its strict quality control and computer controlled production processes. Because it makes many of the most critical parts in house, SlurryPro can supply spare parts for its pumps with complete interchangeability among same sized pumps and all pumps contain standard connections, allowing quick upgrade to higher capacity when required.