Solids Handling Pump

SlurryPro’s Diamond and Silver series of slurry pumps deliver extreme solid handling capacity to your mining operation. Featuring oversized bearings, shafts and extra-reinforced casings, the Diamond series is designed to handle your toughest jobs. With flow rates up to 250 litres per second, these pumps perform without fail under the worst possible conditions. The silver series has the advantage that it is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations with flow rates up to 1400 litres per second. Both series are designed to handle slurries with high solids content. These pumps come with hard metal casing liners and impellers with optional elastomeric or rubber coating to further enhance the technologically advanced abrasion resistance that is standard in these solids handling pumps.  SlurryPro’s reputation in the mining industry comes from its 100 plus years of experience and it’s superior local knowledge contributed by its on the ground support staff presence in four continents. When this fact is considered along with its state of the art foundries, and extensive research and development team, SlurryPro deserves its status as the world’s finest solids handling pump manufacturer.